Accu-Pak Inc

Accu-Pak builds grids or packaging heads to fit the following companies packers: Meyer, Hamrick, Nu-Way, Hartness, Standard Knapp, and Combi.

6500 Carrier Erector image

Carrier Erectors

Accu-Pak’s new 6500 will erect four, six, and also 8 pack carriers at speeds up to 40 carriers per minute, please see the 6500 Product Page for more information.

Drop Packers

Accu-Pak offers low cost Case Packers and Tray Packers that are highly efficient, dependable, and are operator friendly.

Lane Dividers

Also know in the industry as Lane Diverters, Lane Dividers are servo driven or pneumatically driven. We offer these as an add on or a stand alone unit or integrated into a Drop Packer.

Flap Opener

2 Flap or 4 Flap Openers which can be a free standing unit or integrated into a drop packer.

Pick and Place

5500 model can be used for case packing or uncasing.

Tab Lock Slitter

We offer a free standing unit or a unit that can be incorporated onto the Case Lift of a drop packer.

Semi Automatic Palletizer

Small foot print, one person operation, 10-15 cpm.